Kaltern | A weekend in

No matter how much you love where you live, sometimes you feel the need for a change, even just for a couple of nights. For us this means getting out of the city, being in a car with friends, going for a hike or two, playing jazz music on the way to dinner and laughing just that little bit more than the usual.


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Sardinia | A weekend in

With holiday planning for this year underway I’ve been thinking about previous trips we’ve been on together and Sardinia was one I haven’t thought about for a while. It was a trip with a bit of difference as it wasn’t so much booked as won in a competition but it’s definitely somewhere I’d return to.

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Slowing Down & Taking Time

Since moving to Munich I’ve been learning to take time, a luxury I’ve realised I haven’t been making the most of.

When I think back to the days of secondary school, I’m really quite amazed at my younger self, and the fact that I never just collapsed in a heap in from the sheer amount of things I used to get done. Naturally there was school and homework, which I never missed, there were after school sports, then other sports outside of school because indoor snowboarding was a thing. There was a part time job which was often the precursor to a social activity that I’d head to one the shift was over, and I took an extra A-level for the fun of it. Through all of this I some how held down a far more active social life than I have now and I was much better at texting back.

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Easy Peasy Banana Bread

Banana Bread

I write to you from my sofa, under a crocheted blanket, having just eaten some freshly baked banana bread. Since getting back from our trip to the UK last week I’m making more of an effort to be appreciative; of the quiet times, of our home, and just generally doing the things I want to do whilst being a little bit more positive and aware. Whilst bank holidays here are a little different from the UK, Munich has managed to align itself with my home country on this particular one – it’s pouring with rain outside. In spite of the weather there’s still a lot to be thankful for, and this chilled out bank holiday situation is one of them.

There have been very few times in my life where I have known, with absolute certainty, what I want to be doing, but today was one of those times, and I wanted to bake banana bread. Having flicked through some foodie blogs this week on the hunt for an overnight oats recipe that I am capable of (the hunt continues) I stumbled across a recipe for banana bread and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

So when Felix asked me this morning if I’d help with fixing the fence I said I would, once I’d baked some banana bread.

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Aaaand it’s snowing

So I’ve just read my first post, and I don’t feel the need to tear this blog from the internet, you may consider me setting the bar low, but I’m going to consider that as a win.

It’s been a week of ups and downs, my parents were here to visit us in our new house for a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining so we could enjoy our little garden and wander around the new part of Munich that is now home. Having the space to share your home is a truly wonderful thing and I hadn’t realised how important that was to me.

This was an up, and what goes up, must come down. You’d think I’d be getting better at goodbyes by now, but alas, there were tears at the airport. There are always tears at the airport, I sometimes wonder if that will ever get easier.

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The First Post

Ok, let’s get this out of the way – the first post. Always the hardest, although for some reason this time it’s coming a little easier…she says, and then stumbles.

I was drawing this evening, in an A3 sketch book I found at home at Christmas, until I realised that I wasn’t drawing anymore. I’d started brainstorming some ideas for the house we will shortly be moving into and suddenly there was a page full of words in front of me, and they had nothing to do with the house. I was writing, and that hasn’t happened for a while.

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