Drink orders gone awry…

I’d like a vodka red bull, can I pay by card?

The minimum is €25

Ok then …8 vodka red bulls

What’s magners?


Ok, and what’s the difference between magners, and magners pear?

What do you have that tastes like radler

Radler is is half lemonade and half beer. I am yet to discover anything that tastes like beer and lemonade, other than beer and lemonade, so that was essentially my answer.

 I’d like a shot please

Ok, which one?


She was entirely unprepared for any reply other than a shot glass being placed in front of her.

 Jagermeister? Sambucca? Tequila?


Do you sell Becks?


Do you sell Becks lemon?


What is your finest Whiskey?

Macallan 21

How much does that cost?

21 euros a shot

I’ll take 2 jagermeister