Notes from an expat life

My parents were here to visit us in our new house this weekend, the sun was shining so we could enjoy our little garden and wander around the new part of Munich that is now home. Having the space to share your home is a truly wonderful thing and I hadn’t realised how important that was to me.

In a week of ups and downs, this was a big up, but what goes up, must come down. You’d think I’d be getting better at goodbyes by now, but alas, there were tears at the airport. There are always tears at the airport. I sometimes wonder if that will ever get easier.

Work started back with a bump as work always seems to do. Emails upon emails and to do lists all lined up ready to go. I quite like emails and to do lists, generally speaking, but there’s something about work that sucks the fun out of them. Pulling me through the swamp that is my inbox however is the fact that we fly back to the U.K. TOMORROW *big cheesy grin* I’m excited, can ya tell?

It’s not the U.K. I’m excited about exactly, I’m finding the place more confusing by the day, but I am incredibly-very-overly-excited about the family and friends that I get to have quality time with, I’m looking at you and your scrabble board, Nanna. The tears at the airport each and every time I leave are testament to the fact that although I love where I live, there are people who I wish I wasn’t so far from, so I’m looking forward to them. There will be a down that follows, but that’s why I’m writing again, to have something to throw myself into. That’s correct, I am essentially a 3 year old, and distraction is the name of the game.

In line with my fluctuating mood the weather has been throwing tantrums of its own. We woke up to white this morning and not just a dusting either, it had officially snowed and the white stuff hung around until mid afternoon due to intermittent snow storms. It started to thaw off about the same time as the news about the UK election started coming through, as though mother nature realised she’d been upstaged and she didn’t fancy taking on Theresa May. She either got over the shock, or is not in the slightest bit bothered by the British Prime Minister (I’ll let you decide which is more likely), it is once again dumping snow outside right now.

A week of ups and downs, an unexpected announcement from the Prime Minister and April showers in the extreme. Keeping me on my toes to say the least. Realisation of the day – I never thought I’d say I’m looking forward to the warmer weather in the U.K.






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