The guy with the wings

Our pub serves food up until 12pm, but for the last half an hour of the evening we only serve the ‘baskets’ which require the use of the fryers, as by this point all of the grills etc. have already been cleaned. It is therefore not unusual to see several baskets making their way out into the pub as last minute orders are made at 11:55.

What was unusual however, was my colleage walking passed me at 11:30 yesterday evening, 3 chicken wing baskets (which each contain 15 fried chicken wings) in hand… “these are all for one guy”.

The man had wanted to pay by card, and the minimum for card payments is 25 euros, most people order another beer or a round of shots, this man ordered chicken wings.

He didn’t stop there though, clearly ravenous, just before the kitchen closed at 12, he ordered another 2 baskets of (you’ve guessed it) chicken wings. Just to keep track of the important details here, that is 75 chicken wings this man ordered.

I assumed by this point he had been joined by some other people with whom he had a mutual love of fried chicken wings. No, my colleague assured me, they were all for him, but he was approaching girls with the baskets and offering them a wing.

When my colleague came downstairs half an hour after the kitchen closed, we could only assume that he was joking when he said the man had asked for 5 more baskets, he apparently was not.


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